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IES Pablo Díez, Boñar, Spain


The school is located in a town of 1800 inhabitants, the head of a wide geographical area of the eastern mountain of León.   It host approximately 100 students who study Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate; 27 teachers work there.

The IES Pablo Díez offers a Bilingual Section in English and develops other programs focused on improving education such as:

- The ICTs project

-Teacher Training Plan, based on the inclusion of the school within the network of BITS schools (bilingual, inclusive, technological and safe)  belonging to the Junta of Castilla y León
- 3D printing project

- School mediation project.

- Library improvement plan

-Collaboration project with the Fundación Cepa González Díez, through the "Academic year in the US" action   

- Erasmus Plus projects, KA229 and KA101.

Its hallmark is undoubtedly the geographical environment in which it is located since this determines the character of our students and a large part of their distinguishing aspects. The natural value of this territory has been recognized by the European Natura 2000 Network and  “Man and Biosphere”  UNESCO Program, recognitions which are not linked to the social and economic development  which has brought about a significant demographic decline due to the progressive oblivion of  the traditional economic activities. This social situation affects our students´ personal development and aspirations, as well as  their prospective opportunities. We, as school, are  deeply concerned about the abandonment of this area and we believe it is essential to act so that our students can glimpse their personal future and that of their territory with an entrepreneurial and creative spirit. The school exchange association that we coordinated in 2018 within Key Action 229 of the Erasmus Plus program, seeks to make visible the potential of rural environments and turn our center into an engine of sustainable and cultural development. This is how EUROENTORNOS was born.

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