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Collège La Feuillade, Vic-sur-Aisne, France

The Collège La Feuillade is located in a village of 1800 inhabitants. About 400 students are enrolled in the school, half of whom come from a disadvantaged social background. About 30 teachers work there. 

The educational lines of the school are based on:

- The opening of the school to exchanges  which involves educational experiences

- Respect for the environment, through actions that promote recycling and organic farming. 

- The fight against bullying, through the "sentinelles et référents" program in which parents, teachers and students are involved.  

- Use of new technologies in the classroom.

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Participation in this Erasmus + project fits perfectly with the objectives set by the school, since it works to enrich and strengthen the sustainable vision that the school already has: at the same time, the school tries its best  to understand the environment in order to love and protect it. Another motivations for joining "Euroenvironments" has been the need to open students´ minds to other cultures, meet colleagues from other countries  who live in similar environments and who share a common goal, as well as  promoting international collaborative partnerships. In a school where English and Spanish are taught, the fact of participating in a project coordinated by a Spanish school using English as the language of communication with the partners is really attractive in terms of student progress.

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